XK-R2 Woodworking Pocket Hole Jig Set 9.5mm Angle Drill Guide with Pocket Hole Joint Fixed Clamp

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XK-R2 Woodworking Pocket Hole Jig Set 9.5mm Angle Drill Guide with Pocket Hole Joint Fixed Clamp

XK-R2 Pocket Hole Jig :
Color: Black
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Drill Hole: 9.5mm
Drill Guide: Solid Metal
With Scale: Both Inch and mm Scale

Twist Step Drill Bit:
Diameter: 9.5mm
Length: 158mm
Coated: Titanium Coated
With Drill Depth Collar and Hex Wrench Key

Screwdriver Bit:
Length: 150mm

With 1 Bag Wood Plugs and Screws
Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel
Black Pin Diameter: 9mm
Clamp Range: 25mm-110mm
Fit for 9mm, 9.5mm hole(≥9.5mm) pocket hole jionts

1. Laser Engraving Printing (It's not silk screen effect, it won't wear out even use in a long time.)
2. Easy to adjust for materials 15-40mm.
3. Easy to use and install, easy to make a quick repair with XR-R2 jig.
4. Includes pocket hole jig and drill bits, depth collar with hex key, 1 bag of wood plug and screws.
5. Accurate hole drilling, durable and make you a easy work.
6. Pocket hole clamp offer a quick and perfect clamping of pocket hole joints.
7. The clamp fits for 9mm, 9.5mm hole(≥9.5mm) pocket hole jionts.
3. Clamp make it easy and perfect to quick clamp two pieces of wood workpiece.
- The arrow is adjusted according to the thickness of the board to the corresponding degree of engraving.
- Splice the board, use the pull pin, lock the screw.
 -The drill bit is inserted into a steel sleeve, raised about 3 mm after touching the bottom of the adjustment block
- Then tightly locks the limit ring.
- Drill must be sure that the forward rotation, not reverse drilling, drilling at an average speed.
- When drilling, the drill bit should be retracted several times to facilitate the removal of wood chips.
- When using a screwdriver, the drill needs to be adjusted to a low speed and high torque file.
Package Included:
1 x XK-R2 pocket hole jig
1 x Pocket Hole Joint Fixed Clamp
2 x Hex wrench 
1 x 150mm Screwdriver 
1 x 9.5mm Drill Bit
1 x Depth Collar
1 x Bag of Wood Plug and Screws
1 x Box Package

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