Woodworking Three-In-One Hole Punch Locator Hole Opener Round Dowel Locator Vertical Drill Woodworking Tools

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  1. Self-centering 6/8 / 10mm Wood Dowel Jig Drill Guide Wood Dowel Punch Locator Tool Kit for Home Carpentry
  2. High quality aluminum (drill guide) and die steel (bushing), high hardness and strength, good wear resistance and durable to use.
  3. Positioning scale: determine the distance from the first hole to the end face of the bracket.
  4. This is a great tool set for furniture factory and carpentry hobbyists. 


Product size

 Length 235 * width 100mm

Packing size



 Aluminum alloy



Package Included:

1 X

Hole punch

3 X

Limit sleeve (6mm&8mm&10mm)

3 X

Pins (6mm&8mm&10mm)


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