Woodworking Edge Ruler Protractor Angle Protractor Woodworking Scriber Ruler Angle Measure Stainless Steel Carpentry Tool

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1. The nut design can adjust the tightness and change the angle of the ruler.

2. Unparalleled accuracy:

- Just press the head to the desired angle, and then press the straight line.

- The head can be adjusted from 0 to 70, firmly locked every 5 (plus 22-1/2 and 67-1/2).


3. Woodworking Edge Ruler:

- The secret of TTKJ T-Square lies in a series of precision-machined index holes and spring loading.

- Close tolerance indexing pins that mesh with them. The pin snaps into place, giving you confidence to know that it is accurate.


4. Three sizes are available:

- 10 inches, 15 inches or 20 inches.

- Both edges of the blade are laser engraved with 1/32 inch graduations Increment.

- The total cumulative error of the scale over the blade length is kept within a tolerance of 0.004".

- The thin satin-finished stainless steel blade is easy to read and minimizes parallax errors.


5. The perfect woodworking layout tool:

- The blade has the same unique serration.

- The design line notch was found in the new stainless steel precision woodworking block.

- There is a notch every sixteen inches along the blade.

- Just put the pencil in the notch and slide the tip of the pen along the edge of the barrel to form a perfect parallel line.




 Woodworkers Edge Rule






 10 inches/15 inches/20 inches (Optional)


 about 190g, 220g, 250g

Measuring range

 0-70 degrees

Measurement accuracy



 Angle ruler


Package included:

1 x Woodworking Edge Ruler


More Detail:


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