Woodworking Dowel Jig 6/8/10mm Drill Guide Sleeve Handheld Wood Doweling Hole Punch

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Type: Twist drill
Color: yellow / green
DIY consumables: Woodworking
Length: 195 mm
Material: high carbon steel
Auger type: handheld positioning
Nail fixture material: ABS plastic + metal
Drill diameter: 6/8/10mm
Adjustable range of bezel: 5-40mm
1. Use: Hand-held hole punch is used to punch holes on the wood board and the edge of the wood board, so that the wood boards can be spliced.
2. Industrial grade ABS plastic molding, safe and durable.
3. Thicker and heavier material, comfortable to hold and stable operation.
4.6mm, 8mm, 10mm metal drill sleeves are wear-resistant.
5. Four claws make it easy to quickly set the punching center, and a variety of drilling methods.
6. Baffle adjustment with scale 0-50mm, can accurately adjust the position of the baffle according to demand.
Package Included:
1 x Woodworking Straight Hole Punch Set

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