Ganwei 20MM Brass Stainless Steel Woodworking Adjustable Holder with Quick Clamping Tenon Stop for Desktop Wood Bench Fixed Locking

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Ganwei Brass Stainless Steel Woodworking Adjustable Holder With Quick Clamping Tenon Stop For Desktop Woodbench Fixed Locking Accessories Woodworking Tools

This tool is ideal for clamping irregularly shaped objects, consisted of adjustable holder with a quick screw ratchet clamp, it is characterized by high clamping force achieved by the quick clamping mechanism.



Product Name Woodworking Tenon Stop
Matrial Brass Stainless Steel 
Brand Name Ganwei
Application Woodwoking table clamping tools



-Working range 152.5mm

-Consist of M12 120mm stainless steel rod, brass stop, 70*20mm(H*D) stainless steel spindle and 8mm ratchet screw clamp ,

-70mm long spindle fits 19.05mm(3/4 inch, can be used with 20mm holes)

-As for screwing a wooden fiting that allows for clamping objects of any shape(round,oval,frame corners, etc..)


Package included:

1PC M12 120mm stainless steel rod
1PC Brass stop
1PC 70*20mm(H*D) stainless steel spindle
1PC 8mm ratchet screw clamp


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