Woodworking Tools Wnew Miter Gauge Aluminium Profile FenceTrack Stop Table Saw Router Miter Gauge Saw Assembly Ruler

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Wnew Miter Gauge Aluminium Profile Fence W/ Track Stop Table Saw Router Miter Gauge Saw Assembly Ruler For Woodworking Tools

Product Name Aluminium Profile Fence Miter Gauge
Material Aluminum Aluminum + Stainless steel (aluminum handle), Aluminum + Stainless steel + Pure copper (copper handle), Aluminum + China Taiwan bakelite (backer), Aluminum + China Taiwan bakelite (limit)
Application Woodworking Tools
Standard slot size Width 3/4 inch (19 mm), Thickness 3/8 inch (9.5 mm)
Color Silver + Black
  • STURDY: There are four sprung loaded ball bearings keep the bar snug in the track, and the fence operating without sideplay.
  • MATERIAL: This woodworking tool is made of alluminium alloy, ensuring its durability and sturdy.
  • VERSATILITY: The Miter Gauge System can be used for Table Saws, Band saws, Router Tables, Jointers, and More.
  • SATFETY: The Miter Gauge Fence System is well designed to ensures safety whiling doing woodworking. Essential equipment for table saw.
  • ACCURACY: The precision Miter Gauge pushing tool with adjustable components, making it more accurate.
Package Included:      
Type Quantities Product Name
#1 1PC× Single Tenon
#2 1PC× Single Tenon + Limit
#3 1PC× Single Push
#4 1PC×

Single Brass Push Handle

#5 1PC× Push Handle Aluminum Handle + Tenon
#6 1PC× Push Handle Aluminum Handle + Tenon + Limit
#7 1PC× Push Handle Brass Handle + Tenon + Limit
#8 1PC× Aluminum Handle + Simple Backer + Limit
#9 1PC× Brass Handle + Simple Backing + Limit
#10 1PC× Aluminum Handle + Reinforced Backing + Limit
#11 1PC× Brass Handle + Reinforced Backing + Limit
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