MDP-XP 30V/5A 90W 2.4G Wireless Connection Digital Programmable Power System with 2.8-inch TFT Screen Monitor Automatic Matching Control 6 Sub-modules

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MDP (Mini Digital Power System) is a system of programmable linear DC power supply based on modular design, capable of connecting different modules for use as needed.
Current Functional Modules:Display Control Module , Digital Power Module
Modules in Develop:Digital Signal Genetator Module , Electronic Load Module , Power Charger Module , Battery Pack Module
MDP-XP consists of a display control module and a digital power module. Through 2.4G wireless connection, it achieves multichannel free combination at the power of 90W per channel. MDP-XP is a high cost-effective programmable linear DC power supply, featuring indicators, stability, reliability and distinct user interface comparable with professional power supplies; it also provides programmable output, timing output, sequential control, automatic compensation and other powerful functions, so as to meet diversified testing needs.
Display Control Module: equipped with a 2.8-inch TFT screen, it can display the voltage-current waveform in real time, support data statistics, and automatically pair with and control six sub-modules (digital power modules), with dual thumb wheels and 90-degree scrolling user-friendly design.
Digital Power Module: high efficiency linear output, 0.25mV ripple wave, high-speed transient response, and supporting precise fine-tuning.
- 2.4G wireless connection, supporting a Display Control as well as six Digital Powers
- DC wide voltage input between 4.2V and 30V, reduced up to 2.7V after startup
- High-speed transient response and over current protection, as fast as 4uS
- Extremely low load regulation and intelligent line loss compensation
- High efficiency and natural heat dissipation with 90W of capacity load
- Support positive & negative pressure, series pressurization, parallel current sharing, free combination of collaborative load, and intelligent power allocation
- Security Protections: input overvoltage, under-voltage protection, anti-reverse connection protection, anti-backflow protection, overtemperature protection, and over current protection
General tests and teaching experiments in R&D laboratory 
Maintenance of cellphones, laptops and other digital products 
Power supply testing and data logger of RF and microwave circuits or modules
Supply purified power for high-accuracy digital-analog circuits and Hi-Fi audio devices
Property verification and fault diagnosis of devices and circuits
Quality control and quality inspection
Emergency power supply for model airplanes and vehicles

Input DC4.2V-30V(After startup 2.7V),100mA-6A,Support QC3.0
Output 30V/5A,90W
Adjustment rate Load adjustment rate <±0.01^%
Power adjustment rate <±0.01^%
Ripple and noise 250uVrms/3mVpp
Transient response time ≤4uS
Line loss compensation 5mR-100mR
Protection Input over-voltage , under-voltage , anti-reverse , output anti-backflow , over temperature
Data recording Max storage: 7MB, Max recording time: 24 hours.
Others Automatically shut down and enter micro-power mode
Support USB firmware upgrade
Support user calibration

Package Includes:

1 x MDP-XP Power System(1 x MDP-M01 Smart Digital Monitor + 1 x MDP-P905 Digital Power Supply)
1 x Cable (2.5mm audio head to Micro USB)
2 x Output Line (4mm banana head to  crocodile  clip)

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