Violetfox Woodworking Ruler, 3Pcs Precision Pocket Metal Slide Rule Inch and Metric T-Type Scribing and Square Ruler for Marking and Measuring (6/8/12 Inch)

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Product Description

Woodworking ruler
Woodworking ruler

Using the Woodworking T Track Ruler, you can quickly and easily transfer the size and precise parallel marks and lines to the workpiece.

Hardened and rust-resistant Metal Slide Rule has a deep laser measurement scale in Inches and Metric on both sides.

Advantages at a glance:

The positioning block can be put wherever you want, and then just tighten the screws, easy to use.

A fine notch in the end of the ruler to place a pencil for scribing.

Measurement scale in Inches and Metric, both sides and four edges feature an engraved scale.

Top Aluminum alloy quality and made by CNC process, wear-resistant, rust-proof.

Deep laser measurement scale, clear and accurate, easy to read.

T track ruler
T track ruler

Package Included:

1 x 6 inch Woodworking Scribe Ruler, 1 x 8 inch Woodworking Scribe Ruler, 1 x 12 inch Woodworking Scribe Ruler

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