White UD18 USB 3.0 18in1 USB Tester APP DC Digital Voltmeter Ammeter Power Bank Voltage Detector Volt Meter HD Color Screen

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White UD18 USB 3.0 18in1 USB Tester APP DC Digital Voltmeter Ammeter Power Bank Voltage Detector Volt Meter HD Color Screen


This is a new product! Color screen! Bluetooth! 8 interfaces! Support USB, Type-C, DC5.5, micro USB. It can measure the voltage and current changes during the operation/charging process of various DC inverters such as mobile phones, notebooks, desk lamps, routers, set-top boxes, etc., and can be analyzed by Bluetooth on the mobile phone!

Settings: Remote setting parameters (Please press the button to observe the setting parameters of the UD18 host will flash, press this button multiple times to cycle the parameter setting)

+/- : Remote host interface switching and value addition and subtraction adjustment keys

Confirm: remote host screen flip and setting parameter confirmation and value clear key button!

Wireless Bluetooth Data Measurement:

Through the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone, the APP Bluetooth pairing can be realized, and the charging status, current, voltage, power, graph and other measurement data can be viewed in real time.




Multi-function interface test:

This device can test a variety of USB and Type-C, DC power and other digital products


Multi-screen measurement interface:

By pressing the button, switch different measurement interfaces, test current, voltage, power, timing, capacity, power, temperature and other data tests, and can set full power off, timing charging, over current protection, over voltage protection, low voltage protection and other functions. , fully protect your charging products

Screen 360° rotation:

Four-sided rotary screen 360° can read measurement data at any angle

Can test temperature (not includ temperature probe):


The UD18 tester can be connected to an external temperature sensor, which can measure different temperatures (Note: This product does not include a temperature sensor, can be purchased separately)

Package includes:

1 x USB tester

(the other items are not includes)

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