Upgrade XK-1 Pocket Hole Jig Step Drill Bit Kit Wood Oblique Drill Guide Set Woodworking Locator Tools

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Upgrade XK-1 pocket hole Jig step drill bit kit / wood Oblique drill guide set woodworking locator tools.

Material Aluminium Alloy(6061)
Surface Treatment Anodized
Boby Color Blue + Black
Length Allen wrench: 0.6cm
Drill Bushing: 15.8cm
Phillips screwdriver: 15.0cm
Drill Bushing Diameter  9.5mm HRC 50° (steel jacket heat treatment)
Scale Laser Engraving Printing 
Suitable For Wood Drilling
- Newly added card positioning module, no clearance between drill bit and guide hole.
- The cutter head is sharp and the drilling is more smooth without burrs.
- For use with pocket hole joinery.
- Good abrasion resistance, long service life.
- Chip fast, giving a wrench.
Package Included:
1 x Slant-hole device
1 x 9.5mm stepped drill (with stop ring)
1 x Phillips screwdriver
1 x Allen wrench
1 x Box
1 x One set of tool
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