UNI-T UT373 Mini Digital Non-contact Tachometer Laser RPM Meter Speed Measuring Instruments

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UT373 is a reliable digital non-contact tachometer used to measure rotation speed of motors and other machines. This device is able to display results in RPM or revolution count. This portable device is able to safely measure rotational objects through a non-intrusive method.

Specifications Range Resolution Accuracy 
RPM measurement 10.0~9999.9RPM 0.1 ±(0.04%+2)
10000~99999RPM 1
Counting measurement 0~99999 count 1 count (<10kHz, pulse width10 ~ 90%) ±1 count
Auto range
Auto power off
Low battery indication √ 
Laser-on indication √ 
Data hold √ 
Rotating speed/count function switching
Overload indication
LCD backlight √ 
General characteristics
Refresh rate About 1s to 7s (depending on the speed, >120 rpm  for 1s)
Sensor type Photodiodes and laser tubes
Target distance 50mm ~ 200mm
Measuring angle The angle between the laser and the surface being measured is less than 30 °
Display 5-digit segment code; 99999 max display
Drop test 1m
Working temperature and humidity 0 ° C to 50 ° C (no more than 80%RH)
Storage temperature and humidity -20 ° C to + 60 ° C (no more than 80%RH)
Protection rating IP65
Power supply 3 1.5V batteries (AAA) (NOT Included)
Battery life Continuous work for 12 hours 
Product color Red and grey 
Product weight 85g (excluding battery)
Product size 183.8 x 56 x 34mm
Package Included:
1 x UNI-T UT373 Mini Digital Non-contact Tachometer 

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