12pcs 8mm Shank Router Bit Set Woodworking Cutter Tool With Wooden Case

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    12Pcs 8mm Shank Router Bit Set With Wooden Case Router Woodworking Cutter Tool
    Material: Cemented Carbide
    Shank: 8mm
    Box Size: Approx. 16.4x12.2x5cm/ 6.45x4.8x1.96"
    8mm shank, sealed bearings for smooth accurate cutting.
    Contains a selection of popular router bits, bits can be re-sharpened.
    Well stored and protected in a wooden box, convenient to carry and use.
    All heat-treated high-grade carbide blade with high concentricity, sharp cutting, smooth rotation, operating light.
    Suitable for chipboard, MDF board hardwood and softwood, mainly used for woodworking trimming, puzzling, boring tenon and carving, etc.
    Package Included:
    1 x DIA-6
    1 x DIA-12
    1 x DIA-12.7
    1 x DIA-16
    1 x DIA-12.7 R-6.3
    1 x DIA-22 R-6.3
    1 x DIA-22 R-6.3
    1 x DIA-25 R-4
    1 x DIA-28.6 R-9.5
    1 x DIA-12.7 ANGLE-14
    1 x DIA-32 ANGLE-45
    1 x DIA-12.7 ANGLE-90
    1 x Wrench
    1 x Wooden Box
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