SDR Receiver Protector Guard To Protect The Sensitive Receiver From High Level RF Effects A2-019

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SDR Receiver Protector GUARD to protect the sensitive receiver from high level RF effects

1. Specifically designed to protect sensitive receiver front ends from high levels of RF effects from nearby transmitted signals;
2. The SDR receiving antenna is very close to the transmitting antenna, or the antenna support or other system failure causes a high RF level to enter the receiving antenna input, which may cause the SDR receiver to freeze;
   Measured: The receiving antenna is 10 meters away from the transmitting antenna, and the transmitting function is 1000W. The SDR receiver can work normally.
3. Input and output: M female;
4. Only receive the front end protector, 50 or 75 ohm compatible;
5. Protect your preamplifier and radio from excessive RF and lighting.



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