DUOYI DY1200 Resistance Test Meter Industrial Leakage Current Testing Digital Clamp Grounding Resistance Tester

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Clamp-on Ground Resistance Meter Tester DY1200 Earth Ground Resistance Testers

DY1200 Clamp-on Ground Resistance Tester


Main Features:

55*32mm jaw size for larger ground rods

  Autoranging ground resistance measurements from 0.01Ohm to 1000Ohm with 0.01Ohm resolution

  AC Leakage current range of 10mA to 30.00A with 50µA resolution

  Configurable alarm value for resistance and current to support your measurement

  Ergonomic mold, full rubber coating for slip proof

  Simplifies ground resistance measurements on multiple point ground systems

  Verification resistor confirm accuracy of meter

  Datalogging with 99 data points

  Complete with heavy duty case and verification resistor



Earth Ground Resistance Range Resolution Precision
0.01Ω ~ 0.99Ω 0.01Ω ±1%+0.01Ω
1.0Ω ~ 49.9Ω 0.1Ω ±1.5%+0.1Ω
50.0Ω ~ 99.5Ω 0.5Ω ±2%+0.5Ω
100Ω ~ 199Ω ±3%+1Ω
200Ω ~ 395Ω ±6%+5Ω
400Ω ~ 590Ω 10Ω ±10%+10Ω
600Ω ~ 1000Ω 20Ω ±20%+20Ω
Min. Resolution 0.01Ω
Configurable alarm value of resistance 0~199Ω
Leakage current Range Resolution Precision
0 ~ 80mA 50µA ±2.5%+1mA
80mA ~ 650mA 0.5mA ±2.5%+2mA
650mA ~ 4A 5mA ±2.5%+10mA
4A ~ 30A 10mA ±2.5%+20mA
Min. Resolution 50µA
Measurement of leakage current 46 ~ 65 Hz, RMS
Configurable alarm value of current 0~499mA
Memory 99 sets
Conductor Size 32 * 55 mm
Working Temperature -10°C ~ 55°C
Working Humidity 10%~80%
LCD Size 28.5 x 47 mm


General Characteristics:

Power: AA1.5x4 (Not included battery)

Product Size: 285*90*60 mm

Product Net Weight: 1285g (Not including battery)

Standard Accessories: Verification resistor, carry case 

Standard Individual packing: carry case
















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