RED ARROW Woodworking 4 Inch Reversible Wood Turning Chuck 1-Inch x 8TPI Thread Wood Lathe Chuck Wood Turning Tool

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RED ARROW Woodworking 4 Inch Reversible Wood Turning Chuck 1-Inch x 8TPI Thread Wood Lathe Chuck Wood Turning Tool
This chuck comes standard with the unique RED ARROW features such as Auto Stop, Copper composite Jaw Slides, Woodworm Screw, Comfortable T bar handle, and Round 4 Jaws as standard.
The RED ARROW wood turning chuck system fits all types of RED ARROW Jaws.

The RED ARROW wood turning chuck system can sovle all your wood turning problems, provide a variety of accessories.
The reversible wood turning chuck is a four jaw, self-centering, geared chuck exclusively designed for the wood turning lathe.
It comes with a Reverse Lock feature that enables the chuck to be locked securely onto the lathe spindle when using the forward
and reverse functions on the lathe.
It has a dedicated 1" x 8TPI thread and is able to be used with any lathe that fits those specifications.
Powerful Tuff Lock gearing with precise, hardened action delivers incredibly smooth strength for a solid, vibration free performance.
Provide a variety of matching chuck accessory jaws, solve all your clamping problems.


Material: Medium tensile carbon K145 steel
Chuck Diameter: 4 Inch
Connect Thread: 1" x 8TPI thread
Including standard round 4 jaws(Inner clamping 42-64mm  Back strut 52-74mm)

Suitable for a wide variety of lathes with up to 20" swing.
The four jaw design firmly grips both round and square wood.
Special woodturning dovetail profile on jaws.
Safe Lock Woodworm screw included for fast mounting of rough timbers.
Auto safety stop feature-jaw slides can't protrude past the chuck body.
Jaw slides made from high-tech copper fused steel for maximum hardness, wear, and self-lubricating properties.

Package Included:
1 x RED ARROW 4 Inch Lathe Chuck(come with woodworm screw, comfortable T bar handle, and Round 4 jaws as standard)

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