RC3563 Battery Internal Resistance Tester Lithium Nickel Chromium Lead Acid Battery Test with Test Clips

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RC3563 Battery Internal Resistance Tester Lithium Nickel Chromium Lead Acid Battery Test with Test Clips

The battery internal resistance tester can measure internal resistance and voltage of the battery at the same time. The Kelvin four-wire test clamp is adapted in order to better avoid the influence of contact resistance and wire resistance, and more accurate measurement can be performed.
This product adopts intelligent control, liquid crystal display, and simultaneous insertion of Kalman filter mathematical algorithm, which has the advantages of high precision, high efficiency, low cost, light weight, energy saving and environmental protection. Built-in 1000mAh lithium battery, 5V charging, Android mobile phone charger can be used, which is very convenient.
This product is widely used in various battery production, maintenance, testing, scientific research laboratories and other occasions. It can also be used to measure AC resistance of capacitors and resistors with low resistance and high precision.
Parameters: AC resistance, DC voltage
Accuracy: R: 0.5% V: 0.5%
Measurement Range: R: 0.01mΩ ~ 200Ω V: 0.001 V ~ ±75VDCV
Signal Source: AC: 1kHz At 20mΩ range: 50mA At 200mΩ / 2Ω range: 5mA At 20Ω / 200Ω range: 0.5mA
Range:R: Automatic and Manual. 5 ranges,V: Automatic and Manual, 3 ranges
Speed: 10 times/second
Adjustment:Correction for resistance and voltage separately
Factory Setting:Save factory information, restore factory state with one key
Backlight:Can turn it on/off by entering setting menu
Energy Saving Settings:30 minutes delay, it will be turned off automatically if no operation
Application:Battery maintenance for mobile, computer, battery car; battery factories check and test
Result Display:LCD display, direct reading
Power Supply:Built-in lithium battery, Be suitable to use 5V 1A Android mobile phone charger
Size: 166mm (Length) x 80mm (Width) x 28mm (Height)
Weight: 173.5g
Package included:
1 x Battery Tester
1 x Test Clips
Details pictures:


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