New QRM Eliminator X-Phase (1-30 MHz) HF Bands DIY Kit Board

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New QRM Eliminator X-Phase (1-30 MHz) HF Bands Diy Kit Board


The QRM canceller is inserted from the trx into the antenna's feeder without any additional modifications to the radio. The box has a built-in PTT control that keeps the canceller connected during transmission. However, an additional auxiliary receiving antenna is required, such as a 2m antenna or a few meters of wire in a shed. The two antennas received unwanted signals, resulting in different phases. The QRM canceller now allows adjustment of the phase angle and amplification to cancel unwanted signals before they reach the receiver front end! It is based on a completely innovative concept and cannot be compared with normal "silencer" performance.

Shipping list:
Fully assembled×1 (already welded and assembled)

①PCB: 73 * 85 * 1.6mm
②Weight: 55g


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