MYTEC 3 In 1 Stapler Nail Tool Tacker Furniture Tool Wood Frame Stapler Stainless Steel Hand Tool 600pcs Staples

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type: Handguard + 600 nails
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Made of full steel, top spring configuration, sturdy and durable, quick nailed, high strength. portable and easy to operate.This itme is widely used in furniture, leather, wooden case, upholstery and shoes industry.



1. Steel tool body, high strength, plastic sprayed surface to prevent rust and wear;

2. High-strength alloy steel striker, hardened and ultra-long life;

3. The nailing force is adjustable, suitable for soft and medium-hard wood nailing.




 Three-purpose manual nail tool


 Alloy steel

Surface treatment

 Spray treatment



Scope of application

 Decoration, carton making, packaging, nailing canvas, wrapping sofa, woodworking DIY

Handle Length 115mm
Product Size(L*W*H) 155*114*23.5mm



1. Please keep it out of reach of children and not directly touch the power supply.

2. Do not point at people or animals when nailing, so as not to damage the nails.

3. After use, the nails in the tool should be taken out and stored safely.

4. When grabbing staples, do not use forcefully, open the barrel of the tool immediately to clean the staples.

5. Please use regular national standard nails to avoid frequent nailing or damage to the nail tool.


Package Included:

1 X  Nail Tool


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