Motorcycle Car Tint Light Taillight Headlight Color Film 100cm x 30cm

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Color: Green
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Size: 100cm*30cm
Color: green

1.Clean and dry the lamp shell, and the lamp shell and light membrane will be evenly spray fog droplets.
2. Alignment position the lamp film poster.
3. hot stickers malleable after heating, can very good adhesion.
4. Scrape board inside the bubble discharge.
5. Complete, with a pen knife edge horn spare part cut off, can be completed.
Warm prompt
Measure the headlights or taillights, each lamp need to budget more than 10 centimeters or so.
There are two layer of protective film clip lamp film, overall may seem relatively wrinkle, the middle layer is the you want to use. 

It need to stick on the smooth surface to the light membrane against.

Package Included:
1 X Light Color Film

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