MAX3232 RS232 To TTL Serial Port Converter Module DB9 Connector MAX232

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Type: MAX3232 2020
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Product Description

The products are widely used in radio modification, cell phones Brush, XBOX360 Brush, GPS, vehicle inspection, DVD Brush, hard disk repair, set-top box upgrades. 
Can be used to program the microcontroller type: 
STC microcontroller 
NXP microcontroller 
Renesas MCU 
Communications chip: Domestic MAX3232 
Operating voltage: 3.3V-5.5V 
Interface: TX RX VCC GND 
A Lenovo notebook + Serial small plate (max3232) + usb to serial cable (340 drivers) Download stc89c52 not use; Lenovo desktop + Serial small plates (max3232) + usb to serial cable (340 drivers) 
Download stc89c52 normal use; max3232 chip will replace max232 Lenovo laptop + Serial small plates (max232) + usb to serial cable (340 drivers) can normally download download stc89c52 
Initially concluded: After max3232 through usb to serial cable, may have incompatibilities with certain notebooks. Buyers encountered a similar situation, you can select the appropriate serial chip based on the above test results. 
2 Samsung 2440 development board + max3232 small plate Operating voltage 3.3v serial communications found is not normal, the voltage rises to 3.8v will work properly. 
We only guarantee the module can be used for serial communication, does not provide guidance related to Brush! Does not provide technical support, do not have any information!

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