Machifit DMC-250-300 Piston Type Locking Tool Post Steel Quick Change Lathe Tools Holder

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Machifit DMC-250-300 piston type locking tool post steel quick change lathe tools  

Mode: DMC-250-3 00
Material: 65Mn steel
Quantity: 1pc
Model A (in) B (in) C (in) D (in) Swing diameter
250-300 3-3/8 5-1/8 3 3/4 13-18

The quick change tool post is a main accessory of the machine tool, it is consist of tool post and many kinds of tool holders, according to the processing requirements of the workpieces, correspording tool holders are selected to finish cylindrical facing, end facing, cutting, drilling, reaming, boring as well as other processing. It realizes to mount tool outside the machine tool, it has exchange tool quickly, high precision, rigidity strong etc. It is satisfactory accessories in place of square turrets.
Suitable for tool holder 250-301, 250-302, 250-304,  250-305,  250-307, 250-310, etc.

Package Included:
1 x DMC-250-300 Piston Type Locking Tool Post

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