Machifit Aa Eb Lathe Quick Change Tool Post Holder Set WM210V&WM180V&0618 12x12mm Tool Rest for Swing Over Bed 120-220mm

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 Aa(45#steel)/Eb(304 stainless steel)

Repeatability [mm]


Recommended top slide width [mm]


Adjustable turning tool height [mm]


Turning diameter [mm]




-Process workpieces of various angles. Using the dial, the tool holder can be rotated by 9° or multiple angles of 9° each time. Can process various angle workpieces.

-Height adjustable. The tool holder uses adjusting screws and nuts to adjust the installation height of the props, which is easy to operate.

-High efficiency. It only takes a few seconds to change the tool once, and only the tool holder is required to change the processing procedure. high working efficiency.

-High accuracy. The positioning accuracy of the replacement tool post is high, and the resetting accuracy is within 0.01m.

-High stability. The quick-change tool post is set at one time, and the processing stability is high.

-Application: Can be installed on AT125,CJ0618, BV20, SINO210V lathes, etc. 

For turning diameter is from 120mm to 220mm(4.7”--8.7”)

The tool post can fit 180mm(7") swing bench lathe well. From cross slide surface to spindle center line height is 56mm. 


Package Included: (Aa(45#steel)/Eb(304 stainless steel) optional)

1 X

 Basic Body

3 X

 Steel Holder(AaD/EbD 1250)

1 X

 Steel Holder(AaH/EbH 1250)

1 X


1 X

 Square Key


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