6.5mm M2 HSS Bowl Gauge Set Wood Lathe Wood Turning Chisel for DIY Woodworking Tools

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6.5mm M2 HSS Bowl Gauge Set Woodworking Lathe Wood Turning Chisel For DIY Woodworking Tools


Product Name Wood Bowl Gauge
Material HSS
Full Length 470mm
Steel Ruler Length 40cm
Toolholder Length 150mm
Toolhandle Length 320mm
Weight 150g
Size(Wide×Thickness) 6×6mm


-Due to strict production process, this tool is able to be used for lifetime warranty.

-Superior edge holding ability in oily abrasive woods, exotic woods and hardwoods.

-The design of cutting edge with reduced burr formation, is completed to ensure a clean, smooth finish and a superior feel in use,

-It all can be fast remarkably and easy to sharpen, which allows you to produce a perfect razor sharp edge.


Package Included:

1PC×           Woodwoking Bowl Gouge


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