2KHz-3000MHz Low Noise RF Amplifier Ultra Wideband Gain 32 DB

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2KHz-3000MHz Low Noise RF Amplifier Ultra Wideband Gain 32 dB

Production Description:

This amplifier has the advantages of wide frequency range, high gain, small noise coefficient, etc., can be used for all kinds of RF reception front end, increase the communication distance! A wide range of short wave, FM broadcasting, remote control receivers, cable TV signal amplifiers and other areas that need low noise and small signal RF amplification!


Frequency Range:2K-3000MHz


F= 0.1MHz, gain=32dB

F= 500Mhz gain=31dB

F=1000MHz gain=29dB

F=1500Mhz gain=25dB

F=2000MHz gain=20dB

Maximum Output Power:+10dBm (10mW)

Noise Factor:1.9dB

Power Supply:9-15VDC




1) The amplifier has a very good gain flatness when the operating frequency is less than 500MHz, which can be less than 1dB when carefully adjusted.The lower the frequency, the higher the gain consistency.

2) The lower limit of the amplifier's operating frequency is limited by the input and output capacitance, which defaults to 0.1uF and can work up to 0.1MHz;Input and output capacitance can be appropriately increased to extend the lower frequency limit, such as: 10uF, can work to 5kHz.If detailed calculation is required, it should be noted that the input and output impedance is 50 ohm, and the required capacitance value should be calculated. At the same time, the decoupling and voltage regulation of the power supply should be enhanced.

3) When the supply voltage changes between 5-8V, it can be used as a variable gain amplifier, and the gain increases with the increase of the supply voltage.It is very suitable for RF receiving front-end circuit. DA is used to control the power supply voltage, so as to control the gain of the amplifier and play automatic gain control.

4) When the supply voltage is in the range of 8-10V, the low-frequency gain reaches 30dB, and the amplifier has a lower noise factor and better stability.

5) When the voltage is 12V, the gain reaches the maximum, and the low-frequency gain can reach 32.5dB.

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