50M-6GHz Low Noise RF Amplifier Ultra Wideband Gain 20dB Micro USB Power Supply

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50M-6GHz Low Noise RF Amplifier Ultra Wideband Gain 20dB Medium Power Amplifier Board


  • 50M-6GHz RF signal power amplifier with 20dB gain

  • Large dynamic range and wide operating frequency range

  • Suitable for all types of fixed gain amplification of RF signal

  • Wide frequency range, stable gain, small noise figure and large dynamic range (+ 20dBm @ 1dBP)

  • Suitable for all kinds of RF transmitting circuits to extend communications distance

  • Perfect for FM broadcast, remote control receivers, cable TV signal amplifiers

  • GPS satellite navigation, 2.4G Bluetooth, WIFI receiver RF end and other RF amplification

  • A shielded enclosure with anti-reverse protection diodes

Technical Parameters:

  • Operating Frequency: 50M-6GHz (50-6000MHz)
    - Amplifier Gain: 20dB

  • Max. Output Power: +21dBm(100mW)@1dB compression point

  • Working Current: 85mA (5V)

  • Power Supply Voltage: 5VDC【MicroUSB Power Supply

  • System Impedance: 50Ω

  • Weight: 5g

Product List:

  • 50M-6GHz Power Amplifier Board * 1

  • SMA connector cable *1

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