LOTO OSC482 Series 1Hz ~ 13MHz 48M S02 Single Channel Output Series Signal Generator Single Channel Output Virtual Oscilloscope

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LOTO OSC482 Series1 Hz ~ 13MHz 48M Single Channel Output Series Function Upgrade Module S02 Signal Generator Single Channel Output Virtual Oscilloscope


The signal generator module S01 functions as an oscilloscope OSC482 series host expansion module.

Customers who purchased the oscilloscope OSC482 series need to extend the signal generator function. Can purchase this product.
Contains the corresponding functional features, they are standard modules, if the purchased host does not contain their corresponding characteristics, then these modules are optional


Signal generator module 1 S02 1 channel, can output sine wave, triangle wave, square wave. Output frequency range 1 Hz ~ 13M Hz (sine wave). 48M sampling rate, output signal range ± 4V, amplitude and paranoid adjustable.

Package includes:

1 X S02 Signal generator module (Suitable for OSC482 series)

Details pictures: 

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