3S 25A Lipo Lithium Polymer BMS/PCM/PCB Battery Protection Board for 3 Packs 18650 Li-ion Battery Cell

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3S 25A11.1Vlipo lithium Polymer BMS/PCM/PCB battery protection board for 3 Packs 18650 Li-ion Battery Cell with balance function
3S 25A  12.6v li-ion BMS PCM battery protection board bms  for lithium LicoO2 Limn2O4 18650 li batterywith balance function
this board with balance function, battery should have good consistency, if not sure, please use new brand battery.
this board not suit electric tools, because over current is too small,if your application is high current application, like screwdriver and drill,  please do not buy, should select our other high current BMS.
1) high-accuracy voltage detection circuit;
2) terminal of the charger using high voltage device;
3) Built-in three-stage over-current detection circuit (over-current 1, over-current 2, or load short circuit);
4) MOS transistor can control the battery charge and discharge;
5) low standby current consumption.
1. Please pay attention to the use condition of input and output voltage and load current , make the protective plate within the power consumption of no more than specification allows power consumption;
2. Connect the battery  will happen cannot  discharge status, in this case, connect the charge can be restored to normal working state;
3.If a set of batteries with over-discharge and over-charge cells, the bms cannot be charge and discharge.
3S li-ion18650, licoo2, limn2o4, Li (nicomn) O2 baterías recargables
3S lipo baterías recargables
over discharge: 4.3V
over charge: 2.3V
continous current: 25A
over current: 38A
balance voltage: 4.2V
balance current: 50mA
size: 56mm*45mm*4mm


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