ESP8266 ESP-01 ESP-01S RGB LED Controller Module for Arduino IDE WS2812 Light Ring Smart Electronic DIY

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This is a WS2812 RGB LED control module based on ESP-01 / 01S. With it, you can easily control the WS2812 light bar / light ring. DIY own lightinsg control system. Support for Ard uino IDE programming.
* Master: ESP-01 / ESP-01S
* Control Pin: GPIO2
* Interface: 3Pin PH2.0 connector
* Operating Voltage: DC 3.7V-5V (Please note: The positive supply voltage VCC on the board is connected to the VCC on the WS2812 3PIN connector. Therefore, if your light bar / lamp ring is 5V powered, use DC 3.7V-5V power supply.)
* Support 3.7V lithium battery
Application example:
1. Insert the ESP-01S WIFI module into the Downloader and open the Ard uino example program:
2.Download the program to ESP-01S
3. After the download process is complete open the serial port to view the IP address:
4.will ESP-01 / ESP-01S Plug in 2 * 4 PinRow of arms (in the direction of the arrow), as shown below:
 5.powered by:3.7V-12V DCPower receivedVCC GND (2.54mmPin)
6.Computer connected to the router (with ESP-01SConnect the same router), open the browser, enter the third step to print out the serial port IP address:  

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