LCD Display DC Battery Voltage Monitor Meter 0-200V Volt Amp for Cars RV Solar System

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LCD Display DC Battery Voltage Monitor Meter 0-200V Volt Amp for Cars RV Solar System

The DC battery monitor meter is mainly used to measure the voltage, current, resistance,
internal resistance, capacity, SOC, energy consumption and running time of various types of batteries,
and display the measurement data through the LCD screen. Monitor your battery faster and more comprehensively!
1. 9 Measurement Functions. Including voltage(0-200V), current(0-300A), power(0-60000W),
impedance( 0-1000Ω), internal resistance(0-999mΩ), capacity(0-1000AH), SOC,
energy consumption(0-9999kWh) and running time(0-999h)
2. Better Visual Experience. LCD HD display, 360°viewing without dead angle, with backlight function,
it is clearly visible whatever day or night.
3. No Screw & Easy Installation - With the installation design of the push-on terminal,
it is easy and convenient to install and remove the wires without the screws.
4. Accurate Measurement. High precision chip control, efficient and stable operation,
safe and reliable welding process, measurement accuracy reaches 1%.
5. Wide Application - Wildly used in the automobile, solar system, industrial assembly line, etc.
1. Name: DC Battery Tester
2. Model: D55855
3. Material: ABS
4. Color: Black&Blue
Power: Measuring range: 0-60000W
Voltage: Measuring range: 0-200V (when the test voltage is<8V, please use the independent power supply mode)
Current: Measuring range: 0-300A
Impedance: Measuring range: 0-1000Ω
Internal resistance: Measuring range: 0-999mΩ
Capacity: Measuring range: 0-1000AH
SOC: Dump energy is display via the battery symbol, totally 10 grids, every grid present 10% energy
Energy consumption: Measuring range: 0-9999kWh (Note: 1Wh=0.001kWh=0.001 Kilowatt)
Running time: Measuring range: 0-999 hours (without load the time will not accumulate)
Measurement accuracy: 1%
1. Wiring order cannot be wrong.
2. This meter is suitable for indoor use ONLY.
3. Applied load should not exceed the rated power or current.
4. Need a pointing tool to press the function button to prevent accidental touch.
5. The current is set according to the specification of the shunt.
Package Included:
1 x DC Battery Tester
1 x 100A Shunt
1 x Cable Kit
1 x User Manual

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