NanoVNA-F V2 4.3 Inch IPS LCD Display Vector Network Analyzer S-A-A-2 Antenna Analyzer Short Wave HF VHF UHF NanoVNA-F V2

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 NanoVNA-F V2 4.3 Inch portable vector network analyzer

Production Description

NanoVNA-F V2 portable vector network analyzer is a new product developed on the basis of NanoVNA-F. It uses a 4.3-inch IPS LCD display and an aluminum alloy case. It is equipped with a 5000mAh large-capacity lithium battery as standard. Support touching screen and side button operation, support Chinese and English interface. The design of this product is based on edy555's NanoVNA and OwOcomm's S-A-A V2, and deep optimization of the software is made on the basis of the previous product NanoVNA-F. The operation interface is compatible with NanoVNA-F, the measurement ranges is extended to 3GHz, and the dynamic ranges is larger. The measurement is more accurate and the operation is more convenient.


  • 4.3-inch IPS LCD display, resolution 800*480, ultra-wide viewing angle, long-term use does not hurt your eyes.

  • All aluminum alloy case, sturdy and durable, effectively shielding electromagnetic interference to ensure measurement accuracy.

  • The radio frequency interface is SMA, which is convenient for connecting various tested parts.

  • Full touching screen design, with 3 side buttons at the same time, flexible and convenient operation.

  • Support Chinese and English interface.

  • Optimized UI design, convenient for users to perform measurement operations.

  • Support screen brightness adjustment.

  • The firmware can be upgraded through a virtual U disk, no programmer is needed, and the firmware can be upgraded through the included USB type-c data cable.

  • Standard fine quality calibration parts and RG405 phase-stable cable to ensure calibration accuracy.

  • Designed with USB power output interface, which can support 5V/1A power output.

  • Using 2A high current recharging IC, the recharging time is shorter.

  • Supporting host computer software, the host computer supports Chinese and English interfaces.

  • The screen images of the device can be obtained by taking a screenshot of the host computer.

  • Function: can measure S parameters, voltage standing waves ratio, Smith chart, phase, group delay, etc.


  • Material: aluminum alloy(case)

  • Main color: black

  • Battery: 1 * lithium battery, 5000mAh

  • Frequency: 50kHz-3GHz

  • RF output power: -9dBm (error within 1GHz: ±1dB)

  • Frequency accuracy: <0.5ppm

  • S21 dynamic ranges: 70dB (1.5GHz), 60dB (3GHz)

  • S11 dynamic ranges: 50dB (1.5GHz), 40dB (3GHz)

  • 2-port return loss: 20dB typ (1.5GHz), 13dB min (3GHz)

  • Number of calibration points: 101 points

  • Number of scanning points: 101 points

  • Number of traces: 4

  • Number of mark points: 4 (the mark point bar can be moved up and down on the screen)

  • USB interface: USB Type-C communication mode: CDC (serial)

  • Setting save: 5 groups (after saving, it can be directly recalled when it is used again, no need to recalibrate, and the saved parameters before the last shutdown will be automatically recalled when it is turned on again)

  • Support calibration result interpolation, can measure without recalibration after adjusting the measurement frequency band

  • Scan time: about 1.9s/1 time (50kHz~3000MHz full frequency band)

  • Item size: 140 * 73 * 20mm / 5.5 * 2.9 * 0.8in

  • Item weight: 270g / 9.5ounce

  • Packing size: 250 * 150 * 50mm / 9.8 * 5.9 * 2.0in

  • Packing weight: 500g / 1.1lb

Package List

  • 1 * S-A-A-2 Host (with 1950mAh battery)

  • 1 * Micro USB Data Cable

  • 2 * 300mm SMA Male to Male SS405 RF Cable

  • 1 * SMA Male Calibration Kit-OPEN

  • 1 * SMA Male Calibration Kit-SHORT

  • 1 * SMA Male Calibration Kit-LOAD

  • 1 * SMA Female to Female Connector

  • 1 * Set of Accessories

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