2.8 Inch Touch LCD PORTAPACK H2 Console 0.5ppm TXCO with 2100MAh Battery for HackRF SDR Receiver Ham Radio



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2.8 Inch Touch LCD PORTAPACK H2 Console 0.5ppm TXCO with 2100MAh Battery for HackRF SDR Receiver Ham Radio
The package not include hackrf one and the case

The PortaPack H2 makes the HackRF One software-defined radio portable.

How to use portapack-havoc for hackrf ?

Hackrf fw flash install tools? Hackrf install Driver and Upgrade FW  


unzip install Driver then run flash_portapack.bat

Install Portapack H2 to Hackrf First then Connect lipo battery (1s) 3.7v .

If not it will auto power on when install H2 with batt cable insert

Double Press Left Rotery to Power Off,Press Left Rotery to Power On

4 LED Display Battery Level 25% 50% 75% 100%  Charge and Work can Together

blue LED and 3.2 tft Screen On with MAYHEM Photo,it Work!

connect microusb cable to hackrf for Charge battery. Only Work 5V Power Supply

V3.2 V3.3 V3.4b PCB Can work With Out Battery Use External USB Cable

Connect Computer Working is Auto Power On and Noise Less Then Before

BAT volta <=3.6v auto power off

Working Current:300-800mah(SPK)

Hackrf USB Port for Charge and UPGrade FW

TF Card is FAT32 for Record RF And TX RF download map for AIS from portapack-mayhem 's github

H2 can Power On Signal Just Press Left Rotery and can see Bat Level but Screen is black

Common Problem:

  1. H2 LCD White Screen

Reconnect LCD FPC cable and try again

  1. Power on but LCD no Light and Photo

Flash Your Hackrf with portapack firmware then install H2 Extender board

  1. Press Rotery Can't power on

Check The Batt or Just USE USB Cable To Power ON Auto

4. Rx work then Tx stop  to fix by update new FW

It adds an LCD touchscreen, user interface navigation controls, audio output and input, micro SD card slot, 2.5 PPM crystal oscillator, and real-time clock battery backup,Speaker,Li po battery Charger and Center key power on/off function(long press 3-4 sec).

The PortaPack firmware provides a user interface and necessary signal processing to do many useful things without a computer.

Hackrf extended touch screen 3.2 inch large screen
With sound input and output function (ADC, DAC)
With TF card slot (storage data, playback data, frequency management)
Comes with TCXO high-precision clock (0.5ppm), the frequency is as accurate as the radio
The new firmware automatically switches the external TCXO (you can see the clock source is external in the menu)
Built-in CR1220 battery with RTC clock function (record the current time when saving the baseband file)
Support offline GPS simulation
Optional 2100 mAh lithium battery
Optional acrylic black case
2.8-inch touch screen, support battery charging (4.2V), (optional battery) long press the middle button (3 seconds) to turn on / off, use Apple or Android headset MIC can send voice, the headset can listen to the sound
Please download the compressed package of our store when you get it, first flash the hackrf with firmware that supports expansion, and then install the expansion board and battery to work
2100 mAh large capacity battery

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