MINI 0.96 Inch OLED 1.8-50MHz ATU-100 Mini Automatic Antenna Tuner 7x7 Firmware Programmed

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MINI 0.96 Inch OLED 1.8-50MHz ATU-100 Mini Automatic Antenna Tuner 7x7  Firmware Programmed DIY Kit and Finished
If you choose DIY kits needs welding by yourself

MINI 0.96 inch OLED ATU100 automatic antenna tuner 100W automatic day tuning kit parts
0.96 inch OLED automatic adjustment
1. The DIY kit requires welding capability;
2. The display is 0.96 inch OLED
3. Circuit schematic and firmware, please contact the store.
4. Weight: about 200 grams
5. Carton packaging size: 15 * 10 * 4CM
The main features of ATU-100 MINI 7x7 antenna automatic tuner:
It is at 1.8-50 MHz
Allowable power supply voltage range for operation at a frequency of 10-15 V DC
Maximum current consumption: 300 mA
Maximum working power: 100 watts
Maximum possible measured power: 150 watts
1 Watt: It is necessary to start setting the minimum power
Minimum possible measured power: 0,1 watt
Measurement steps with power up to 10W: 0,1 Watt
Powerful measurement steps 10 watts above STI: 1 watt
Power measurement accuracy: 10%
Specified maximum inductance: 8,4 uH capacity
The minimum installation step of the inductor: 0.05μH
Maximum installation capacity: 1870 pF capacitor
Minimum installation step: 10 pF


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