Exclusive Bracket Holder Stand Cooling Fan Heatsink For Xiegu G90 G90S Transceiver

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Exclusive Bracket Holder Stand Cooling Fan Heatsink For Xiegu G90 Transceiver

Xiegu G90 is one of the most popular HF transceivers in the radio markets with a great price and well performance. 

However, there is a concerned issue can't be solved via firmware or software update, in some situation the temperature rises after using for a while. In that case, the performance of G90 will be affected.

This time, meet with the Radioddity G90-H1, a Xiegu G90 holder as well as a cooling fan with automatic temperature control. It's the best accessory for your Xiegu G90 to cool down its working temperature so that you can seek the longest working range.

Perfect Holder with Retractable Brackets:Radioddity G90-H1 is a perfect unique holder for Xiegu G90 only. With compact size to save your space, the 2 stands of this product can be easily retracted and stretched out for better cooling effect.

Fit & Stable:A specially designed model for Xiegu G90 with 7 cushion pads and a metal buckle to protect and stabilize your RIG, including the whole metal-made structure, increasing the friction and making it steady enough for terrible road environment even in a truck or an SUV while cooling down the temperature for your outdoor use.

Auto Temperature Control:G90-H1 features automatically temperature function. Monitored by a digital chip through a copper sheet, the temperature of your machine will be captured and the fan speed will change accordingly from 2650 to 3050(R/min) to cool down your G90.

Package Content:
1 x Radioddity G90-H1





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