Universal EM415PRO Wire Tracker Short & Open Circuit Finder Tester Car Vehicle Repair Detector Tracer 6-42V DC

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Universal EM415PRO Automotive Cable Wire Tracker Short & Open Circuit Finder Tester Car Vehicle Repair Tone Tracer 6-42V DC

Description :

Auto Short Open circuit finder EM415PRO

EM415PRO detects and alerts you immediately where a circuit is open.You can quickly and easily Locate short circuits,open connections,broken wires,current leaks and even trace wires. You can also find intermittent circuit problems by flexing wires or connectors and listening for a change in the receiver tone.

Allowing you general tracing or pinpointing the problem location.It also shows you the direction to the short with its direction indicator,eliminating the guesswork.


This professional tool will work on all kinds of circuits with voltages between 6 and 42 volt DC.

such as those found in automobiles,trucks,tractors,boats,RVs,etc...With its wide working voltage range


-One of the top 20 tools in China automotive after market
-Quickly and easily locate short circuits
-Save your times and increase your income
-Judge continuty of the cables or wires.
-Track the cables or wires, and diagnose the break point
-Receive the tone signal on the cables or wires(telephone line)
-Indentify the state in the working telephone line (clear, ring, busy)
-Send a single solid tone or a dual alternating tone to the object cables or wires.

-Power Supply:Two 9V batteries Required (Not Included In Package)

Packaging list:

1 x Automotive Short and Open Finder Reciever (no include Battery  6F22X)

1 x Carrying Pouch

1 x English User Manual

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