DUOYI DY23 Brake Fluid Tester Oil Inspection Detector LCD DOT3 DOT4 DOT5 Goose Neck MAR22

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Brake Fluid Tester Goose Neck Oil Inspection Detector 2.2'' LCD DOT3 DOT4 DOT5


  • Why We Must Have -- Brake pressure was transmitted by brake fluid, the pressure transmission will out of function once brake fluid including too much water. In order to safe-driving, we must test water ratio scale in brake fluid regularly. The brake fluid tester help us do current maintenance, make sure we drive in safety condition.

  • Premium Design -- 250mm Goose Neck Probe provides flexibility on detection, with its chromed surface, can be resistant to oils and oxidation; 3 LED lights show selected brake fluid types and 6 LED lights show percentages of water in the brake fluid.

  • Convenient Tool -- Size of small, perfect hand-feeling. Buzzing and red light double alarm system, test result is clear absolutely.

  • Universal Fit -- Universal fit for most vehicle. High precision to test DOT-3, DOT-4, DOT-5 brake fluid.

  • Quality Warranty -- We provide 30day money-back and 24month quality warranty. This professional tool will help you save your time and money on testing and repairing your vehicle.

Operation Manual:

  • 1. Install one 9V(6F22) battery at the back of tester. (battery not include)

  • 2. After inserting the battery, press POWER button to turn on the tester, all LEDs lights turn on with buzzer sounding,
    indicates the product self-test is successful.

  • 3. Press SELECT button, it will locate DOT3 model automatically.

  • 4. Each time you push the SELECT button, it will recycle from DOT3 to DOT4 to DOT5.1 with the indicator LEDs.

  • 5. Immerse the probe into brake fluid, the different colored LED lights mean as below:
    Green Light: indicates the brake fluid water content is below 1%
    The First Yellow Light: indicates the brake fluid water content is approximately 1.5%
    The Second Yellow Light: indicates the brake fluid water content is approximately 2.5%
    The First Red Light: indicates the brake fluid water content is approximately 3%
    The Second Red Light: indicates the brake fluid water content is more than 4%

  • 6. Press POWER button to turn off the tester.


  • 1. After use, please clean the probe and avoid any retention of stains that might affect the test.

  • 2. If in use for a long time, best to remove all batteries and store in a dry place at normal room temperature.

Package Content:

  • 1x Brake fluid tester(battery not include)


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