Drillpro Universal Dowelling Jig Set with Aligning Clamps Dowel Pins and Depth Stop Collars

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Drillpro Universal Doweling Jig Set with Aligning Clamps Dowel Pins and Depth Stop Collars

Model: HT2015337 
Material: Aluminium

Aluminium doweling Jig whit pre-aligned hold guides and steel bushes. Sturdy, lightweight aluminium construction.
3 Aligning clamps: Align jig to accept boards form 12mm to 36mm thick. Sturdy, lightweight luminium construction.
60 dowel pins: fluted for improved glue retention on tight-fitting glued joints. 20 each of 6mm, 8mm&10mm diameter.
3 Depth stop collars for fitment on drill bit to achieve precise drilling depth adjustment to eliminate over drilling. Sturdy metal construction.
Create quick, easy & accurate dowel joints using an electric drill. 
Simply clamp & drill holes before dowelling parts together . 
Suitable for drilling 6mm, 8mm & 10mm dowel joints. 
Can be used for edge, T-shaped & L-shape joints .
Adjustable jig for 12mm to 36 mm board thickness.
Set includes: Aluminium dowelling jig with pre-aligned holes, 3 aligning clamps, 3 depth stop collars, 60 dowel pins-20 x 6mm, 8mm&10mm 
Can be used for edge, T-shaped, and L-shaped joints. 
With an operation manual for users.
Package Included:
1 x dowelling jig 
3 x aligning clamps
3 x depth stop collars
60 x dowel pins

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