Drillpro Compact Router Sub-Base with Handles Router Attachment for Bosch Dewalt Woodworking Tools

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Drillpro Compact Router Sub-Base with Handles Router Attachment Woodworking Tools

Brand: Drillpro
Baseplate Material: Clear Acrylic
Handle Material: Nylon
Diameter: 6''
Pre-drilled for: for P orter Cable, for Bosch and for DeWalt Fixed-Base Compact Routers
1. Wide baseplate with integral handles adds superior stability and control to your compact trim router.
2. This replacement palm router baseplate provides improved stability and control over the small baseplates typically provided with palm routers.
3. Thanks to its larger 6'' diameter and integral handles, it lets you apply ample inboard pressure when edge routing.
4. The baseplate is made of clear acrylic for visibility. It accepts standard P-orter-Cable style guide bushings. This NOT work with the new B-osch colt model (#57485)

Package Included:
1 x Compact Router Sub-Base with Handles 

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