Drillpro 9.0/9.5mm Titanium Coating Twist Step Drill Bit 3/8 Inch Round Shank Drill for Woodworking Pocket Hole Jig

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Size: 9.0mm
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Material HSS
Coating Titanium coated
Shank Size 9.35mm Round
Bit Size 9.0/9.5mm
Total Length 160mm
1. Drill bit for use with pocket hole joinery.
2. Small tip includes clearance hole for screw shank.
3. Large diameter creates flat-bottomed hole.
4. Recommended for use with corded high-rpm drills.
How to use:
1. Adjust the height of the drill bit.
2. Clip board which you want to drill.
3. Put the drill into the hole in the wood.
4. Drill up 5 mm (remember not against the wood to drill).
5. Start the drill reaches a certain speed above 500 rpm, 1500 rpm is the best.
6. advanced to slow down, such as front-end fine drill in half or full, then can speed up.
Package Included:
1pc Twist Step Drill Bit
1pc Stop Collar
1pc Wrench
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