Drillpro 6pcs M3-M10 Hexagon Shank Drill Tap Bit Titanium Plated HSS 6542 Deburr Countersink Bits Screw Thread Metric Tap

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Drillpro 6pcs HSS 6542 Titanium Coated M3-M10 Combination Drill Tap Bit Set 1/4 Inch Hexagon Metric Deburr Countersink Bits
Product Name Tap Drill Bit
Material High Speed Steel / HSS6542
Shank 1/4" (6.35mm) hexagon shank
Surface Treatment Titanium Coated
DIY Supplies Metalworking
Size M3x0.5, M4x0.7, M5x0.8, M6x1, M8x1.25, M10x1.5
Quantity 6 Pcs x Tap Drill Bits
Size Bit Diameter(mm) Shank Diameter(mm) Shank Length(mm) Blade Length(mm)  Total Length(mm)
M3x0.5 3.0 6.35 41 25 65
M4x0.7 4.1 6.35 36 31 66
M5x0.8 5.0 6.35 36 32 67
M6x1 6.0 6.35 34 34 68
M8x1.25 8.1 6.35 33 38 69
M10x1.5 10.0 6.35 32 40 70

1. High hardness, rustproof, solid and durable.
2. The advantage is opening, tapping, chamfering.
3. Self-centering point, do not need assistant center drilling or center punching.
4. Suitable for drilling, tapping, cutting on soft metal, aluminum plate, iron, etc.
5. Drilling and tapping in one, one-step processing, greatly save processing steps and time costs, improve working efficiency.
6. HSS6542 (M2) is of higher hardness and more durable than the HSS4341, and is suitable for cutting the steel even the 2mm 304 steel.
7. Complete Hole Drilling, Tapping And Deburring/Countersinking In One Operation With Power Drill – Saves Labor, Time. Applicable to some types of carbon steel and ordinary steel, copper and aluminum alloy drilling hole.
Package Included:
6 Pcs x Hexagon Shank Tap Drill Bits
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