Drillpro 6 Inch Parallel Scribe Tool Woodworking Parallel Marker with Scale Marking Woodworking Tools

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Drillpro 6'' Parallel scribe tool woodworking parallel marker.

Color: Black
Material: Plastic
Size: 20x8cm
Range of application: Woodworking, carpenter
1. This is a tool that can draw parallel lines and make up for the shortage of traditional tools. 
    The width is adjustable freely from 0-150mm and easy to use.
2. Various kinds of scribing needles can be selected. The pencil end can be marked on
    board, steel needle can be marked on metal object.
3. With clear scale design, front needle is a piece of steel, can be clamped by screw.
4. It can also be equipped with cemented carbide head, which can easily cut ceramic tiles,  glass etc.

Package Included:
1 x Parallel scribe

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