Drillpro 3pcs 8mm Shank Router Bit Woodworking Cutter Fishtail Armrest Cutter Trimming Wood Milling Cutter

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3Pcs Woodworking Cutter 8 Handle Fishtail Armrest Knife Line Woodwork Tool 45# Steel Carbide Trimming Wood Milling Cutter Power Tools



Product Name Carbide Trimming Wood Milling Cutter
Material 45# steel
Carbide Cutter head YG6X
Body  Hardened steel
Shank Diameter 8mm
Quantity 3 Pcs × Router Bit



1. Used to make other wood products by hand.

2. Rugged steel body with recoil design.

3. Enhanced heat-resistant polytetrafluoroethylene coating.

4. The cutter can cut into raw materials smoothly, clean and free of debris.


5. Bearing: fully enclosed and lubricated.


Package Included:

3 Pcs × Router  Bits


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