Dowelling Jig Set Aluminium Alloy 3 In 1 Woodworking Dowel Drilling Position Jig Drilling Guide Kit

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Dowelling jig set / aluminium alloy 3 In 1 wood dowel drilling position jig / drilling guide kit woodworking tool.

Material: Die steel, aluminum alloy 6061
Color: Main Blue
Application: Woodworking Dowel Connecting Tool
Included Quanntity
Main Body 1pc
Cam locker drilling 1pc
Crescent wrench 1pc
6mm Drill Bushing 3pcs
8mm Drill Bushing 3pcs
10mm Drill Bushing 3pcs
Inner hex wrench 1pc
6mm Pins 1pc
8mm Pins 1pc
10mm Pins 1pc
6mm Drill (with limit ring) 1pc
8mm Drill (with limit ring) 1pc
10mm Drill (with limit ring) 1pc
Stem extension 1pc

- Suitable for making edge-to-edge, edge-to-surface and edge-to-corner joints quickly with accuracy.
- Designed for drilling 6,8,10mm dowel holes and 15mm cam holes.
- Can be used for edge, surface, T-shaped, and L-shaped joints.
- Accurate calibration and convenient operation.
Package Included:
1 X Drilling Guide Kit 

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