Dovetail Scribe Line Planner Woodworking Templates Drawing Line Tool Dovetail Gauges Measuring Tool

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Dovetail scribe line planner, woodworking crossed templates drawing line tool, dovetail ruler.

Type: Dovetail marker
Material: Aluminium alloy
Color: Red
Quantity: 2pcs
Scale: 1:5/1:7, 1:6/1:8
Precision: 0.5mm
Range of measurement: 50mm
Purpose: woodworking assistant marking

- Aluminum alloy material, wear-resisting and rustproof, durable.
- Accurate dovetail configuration Angle is simple and accurate.
- Easy to use for woodworker.
- 4 kinds of proportion marked (1:5/1:7, 1:6/1:8) to meet different needs.
- A Handy little tool to help mark out accurate Dovetails.

Package Included:
2 x Dovetail rulers

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