DIY Kits FM 5W 76M-108MHZ Stereo PLL FM Transmitter Suite 7W Maximum Power Frequency Adjustable for Hifi Amplifier

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DIY Kits FM 5W 76M-108MHZ Stereo PLL FM Transmitter Suite 7W Maximum Power Frequency Adjustable for Hifi Amplifier

DIY kits needs welding by yourself


1, DSP+ phase-locked loop technology, the frequency is more stable, the frequency does not change with the environment andthe frequency drift.

2, without any control, for beginners to bring the fun of DIY.

3, the frequency can be adjusted continuously in the specified range.

4, with the microphone input interface, and can control themicrophone volume by digital potentiometer.

5, the audio input can adjust the volume by digital potentiometer.

6, the power can be adjusted continuously in 0.5W between themaximum power 7W.

7, output power network is very good for harmonic suppression, to make the output spectrum of a clean, a reference picture.

8, set the volume and frequency of a power-off protection, next time do not need to set!


1, the input voltage: 12V DC

2, the input current: 1.0A

3, the audio signal: the maximum input Vpp is less than 1V.

4, the microphone type: cylinder microphone or microphone!

5, output power: 0.5W7W continuously adjustable!

6, the output impedance: 50 ohm

7, the working frequency: 76M108MHz

8, step frequency: 0.1MHz

9, the distortion degree: 0.03% ~ 0.1%

10, the board: board size: 100 x 60mm emission
Control panel: 60 x 36mm

11, the distance is more than 5KM (the premise is: open fieldemission)
12, stereo separation: more than 63dB 

The transmitter antenna must be used 50 ohms, frequency of about 100M antenna wire may not be used, instead of the rod antenna, 2.4G antenna, radio antenna and so on.                                                                                                                 
Dashboard components: mainly by the M8 series microcontroller and LCD display and keypad. 
transmitter board components: Digital FM transmitter chip +9018 +2 SC3355 +2 SC2851 +2 SC1971 four high-frequency power amplifier and power conditioning components.
How to adjust Language 
first ,power is off,you click the middle button until power on 2-5 sec,when you can see the language menu,that you can set it


Package includes:

FM 5W 76M-108MHZ stereo PLL FM transmitter*1

DSC_0041 DSC_0044 DSC_0042 DSC_0045 DSC_0046


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