100A DC Multifunction Digital Power Meter Energy Monitor Module Volt Meterr Ammeter

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100A DC Multifunction Digital Power Meter Energy Monitor Module Volt Meterr Ammeter


1. And electrical parameter measurement function (voltage, current, active power, power).
2. So overload alarm function (overpower alarm threshold,the backlight and power flicker tips).
3. So the power alarm threshold preset function (can set up their own power alarm threshold),
It can help people's lives more convenient, and it is cheap, and it is cheap enough that more and more people can use it.Although it is cheap but its quality is not bad at all, this product helps a lot of people to solve their life troubles.

Display Format:

  • 1. Power: measurement range 0 ~ 2kW
  •         1kW display format within 0.0 ~ 999.9W;
  •         1kW above the display format 1000 ~ 2000W.
  • 2. Power: measurement range 0 ~ 9999kWh
  •         10kWh within the display format 0 ~ 9999Wh;
  •         Above 10kWh display format 10 ~ 9999kWh;
  • 3. Voltage: Test Range 6.5 ~ 100V
  •           Display Format 6.50 ~ 99.99V
  • 4. Current: Test Range 0~50A or 0 ~ 100A

          Display Format 0.00 ~ 99.99A
Operation Tips:
1. The backlight control
By short press the button to turn on or off the backlight, In the backlight mode, the data will automatically store when the power down
2. The energy cleared
Step 1: Press the power button 5 seconds until the digital display "CLr" , then release the button;
Step 2: Now it is in the "energy clear" mode,so press the button again, the energy data is cleared and stop flashing;
Step 3: If in the "energy clear" mode you do not  press the button in 5 seconds, then the energy data will not be cleared
3. Set power alarm value
Step 1: Press the button, when the power area display "SET ", then release the button;
Step 2: It is in the power alarming setting mode, the voltage area displays the highest value of the voltage alarm, the current area displays the lowest value of the voltage alarm. Then you can press the button quickly to increase the value" +1", when there is no key operation more than three seconds, sIt will automatically switch to the adjustable bit, from the high-pressure alarm value to low-voltage alarm value, it has totally 6 bits,voltage range of the alarm threshold set for 6.5~99.9V;
Step 3: After setting press, please hold the button until the screen displays "PASS" character, it means the settings are successful and automatically exit the setting State.


 1. This module is suitable for indoor, not outdoor use.2. applied load cannot exceed the rated power.3. The wiring order cannot be wrong.
Package included:
1 x DC Power Monitor Module
1 x 100A shunt

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