11 Inch Clamp Woodworking C Locking Plier Face Clamp Hand Tool

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Multi-function 11 Inch Locking C-Clamp Face Clamp Woodworking C Locking Plier
Material: Heat-treated Alloy Steel
Size: 11"
Structure: Locking C-Clamp
DIY Supplies: Woodworking, other clamping
1. Wide-opening jaws provide greater versatility in clamping a variety of shapes
2. Through heat treatment, strong and tough.
3. Rotatable pads hold tapered work, without damaging the work surface
4. Turn screw adjusts pressure to fit the job at hand and stays in the adjusted position for repetitive use.
5. Providing maximum locking force and securely clamp your work
6. Widely used for clamping and fixing work, such as fitter, welder holding welding plate, woodworking clamping plate or frame.
Package Included:
1 x Locking C-Clamp
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