EM285 Car Electric Circuit Tester Automotive Tester Electrical System Diagnostic Meter 6-24V DC

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Car Diagnostic Repair Tool EM285 6-24V DC Probe Car Electric Circuit Tester Automotive Tester Electrical System Diagnostic Meter

EM285 Injector tester Features:

1.This item is the best electrical tester for reducing diagnostic time in automo-

   tive electrical systems. 

2.Connect this item with an automotive battery. And then the end of its probe 

   will detect the postive or negative voltage through switch.

 It has short circuit protection and can test for bad instant ground contact.

   * It allows you to track and locate short circuits.

   * It can also test for continuity with the auxiliary ground lead.

   * And its long cable makes your testing easily.

3. It is a comprehensive 6-24V DC test kit. 
Applications  :

1. Test for continuity

2. Test for polarity of a voltage

3. Check switches, relays and the on-off of diodes, fuses and circuits 

4. Test for polarity of electric cables and plugs

5. Track and locate short circuits

6. Test for bad ground contacts

Operation introduction :

Unroll the cable

2. Connect this item with automotive battery

3. Clamp the red clip to the positive terminal of the vehicle battery.

4. Clamp the black clip to the negative terminal of the vehicle battery.


1. Operation voltage: 6-24V DC

2. Cable length: about 5m

3. Overload protection: 8A (When the current exceeds 8A, this item will

    disconnect the current automatically.)


Packing List :
1pcs*Electric Circuit Tester

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