Autool BT760 Car Battery Tester Capacity Internal Resistance Detector 12V Support One-Click Data Printing for Auto Trucks

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Autool BT760 Car Battery Tester Capacity Internal Resistance Detector 12V Support One-Click Data Printing for Auto Trucks

-Support one-click data printing. After the battery test is completed, the test results can beprinted for easy storage.
-Supports English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French,German, Italian, Thai, Korean, Chinese, Japanese,
Turkish.etc. More than ten languages.
-Support 6-890 battery testing with a large test range, BT760 can also support the battery test of trucks
ano motorcycles compared to the testers that can only test cars on the market.
-Reverse PowerConnection Protection. BT760 has a reverse power protection device inside,
even if the power pole is connected in reverse, it will not damage your car and battery.
Model: BT760
Type: Digital
Current measurement range: 30-220 (A)
Voltage measurement range: 6-32 (V)
Capacity measurement range: 20-3000 (AH)
Power supply voltage: 12 (V)
Weight: 0.7 (Kg)
Dimensions: 203x90x38mm
Product Advantages:
-Switch more than 10 cy usedlges.
-2.8 inch HD color screen with clear display.
-Support 6 - 32V battery test, fast and convenient .
-Reverse connection protection, safe and reliable -Powerful functions, accurate test result.

Four Major Testet:
1. Battery Test: It mainly calculates the actual cold-start battery capacity and aging degree based on analyzing the
health status of the battery, and provides a reliable analysis basis for battery testing and maintenance. When the battery ages, it informs the user to replace the battery in advance.
2. Cranking Test: Mainly test and analyze the starting motor. By testing the actual required starting current and voltage of the starting motor to define whether the starting motor is working normally.
3. Charging Test: The main purpose is to check and analyze the charging system, including generators, rectifiers, rectifier diodes, etc., to determine whether the output voltage of the generator is normal, whether the rectifier diode works normally, and whether the charging current is normal.
4. Maximum Load TestIt mainly measures the value of the battery's maximum loadable electrical appliances. 
The purpose of the load test is to ensure that the battery can operate normally without exceeding the maximum expected workload.

Package Included:
1 X 
Car Battery Tester
1 X Portable Box

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