35mm Blue Cup Style Round Hinge Jig Drill Guide Cabinet Door Hole Locator for Woodworking

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35mm Cup Style Hinge Jig Drill Guide Cabinet Door Installation Hole Locator


Color: Blue
Materials: engineering plastic
Size: 225x95x25mm
Type: Punching device

-The hinge opening is suitable for 35mm hinges and also available with 26mm hinges.
-This punch temporarily supports 46-47-48-52 mounting screw holes.
-Easy to use, suitable for their own home operation, do not need professionals.

- Keep hands and body clear of sharp edges and moving parts.
- Always wear eye protection.
- Clamp guide in place during use.
- Due to the manual measurement,there might be some error.

Package Included:
1 x Blue Hole Locator
1 x Stand
1 x 35mm Hole Knife
1 x Limit Ring
1 x Positioning Rod
1 x 2mm Drill
1 x Wrench
2 x 26mm Auxiliary Accessories

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