Blue Aluminum Alloy Knob and Pull Cabinet Hardware Jig Adjustable Door Drawer Handle Knob Pull Drill Template Woodworking Tool

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Main body material: Aluminum alloy
Drill guide material: Hardened-steel
Color: Blue
Drill bits size(included): 4.2mm
Provide 4 preset pull drilling positions: 16-0-16mm, 32-0-32mm, 48-0-48mm, 64-0-64mm.
Pull to drawer edge distance: 10-50mm

1. Made of aluminum alloy,  lightweight materials for easy handling and enough strength for durable use.
2. Adjustable guides for accurate hole placement.
3. Adjustable edge guide for easy positioning.
4. Built-in measuring scales for repeatable results.

Package Included:
1 x Cabinet hardware jig set
1 x Drill bit

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